Assist enterprises in digital transformation and upgrading,
Make business operations simple and effective!
Make business operations simple and effective
Years of experience, just to understand you better!
We have been focusing on providing online operation services for enterprises for many years, in order to offer more suitable operation solutions for each customer and empower enterprise operations through our software technology. Our professional skills and enthusiastic service have brought brand promotion and sales improvement to every customer. We provide powerful guarantees for enterprise digital transformation and ensure sustained brand competitiveness.
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Software Development
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Online operations
· Website building products
· Marketing products
· Store systems
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· Education systems
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· App development (iOS and Android)
· IoT automation
· Data visualization large screen
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Software customization and development
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Online operation

Industry solution
Overall online operation solution for enterprises, making business management simple and effective!
Professional software system empowers enterprise digital transformation and upgrade
Flyers/Interactive Marketing/Public Account Assistant and other marketing products.
Today, with the rapid development of e-commerce, it is necessary for enterprises to connect their business to the Internet. We help you provide feasible solutions to help enterprises quickly achieve online operations. We already have stable products such as websites, shopping malls, mini programs, store systems, and education systems.It is widely used in department stores, clothing, hotels, catering, agriculture, education, culture, tourism and other industries.
A feature-rich online marketing product that provides functions such as micro flyers, distribution wizards, events, red envelopes, voting, check-ins, registrations, games, lotteries, etc. Tailored marketing activity products and execution plans can be created based on your business needs.
Multi-industry online trading platform
WeChat flyer
fun H5 marketing tool
Store system
Accurately and effectively manage affiliate marketing
Interactive Marketing
Corporate event marketing tool
Education System
Assisting Institutions' Digital Transformation
Official Account Assistant
Effective Tool for Running Official Accounts
Custom software development
With its rich experience in software customization and development, helps companies create software with commercial value based on their own circumstances and needs, and helps achieve business innovation and management changes.
Tailor-made according to the needs of the demander, the most applicable and easy-to-use software is compiled for different actual situations. The software is highly operable and has strong application pertinence.

Internet of Things Industrial Automation
Networking of traditional hardware devices
APP, Mini Program
Strong operability, strong pertinence
Visual large screen
Big data, informatization
Focusing on enterprise online operation services, our goal is to make our products more effective and stable. At the same time, we also emphasize post-launch operation services, providing enterprises with a comprehensive cross-platform online operation solution. With capabilities in marketing planning, software development, and overall outsourcing of online operation in the Internet industry, we help enterprises smoothly transform into digitalization.
Our advantage
Operating with heart, we firmly believe in the power of brand
experienced operators, developers, designers, and copywriters to ensure product and service quality
Stable cloud services, abundant programmers, focused service areas, providing greater technical assurance.
Transparent pricing, refuse to overcharge, instant purchase and enjoyment, high value for money, focus on quality
Professional and focused, from planning to follow-up operation services. Experienced, timely response (996 online)
Product advantages
Simplify complexity, focus on practical effectiveness
Highly targeted
Each piece of software has undergone systematic market research and analysis, and is tailored for different application scenarios, greatly improving the company's online operation efficiency.
The online operation of an enterprise is a systematic project, involving a variety of software and marketing tools. Noko effectively connects various major systems to achieve the effect of 1+1 greater than 2.
Good service
Online operations are different from physical product sales and require constant updates and upgrades. We can promptly upgrade the latest software functions and provide the latest market strategies.
Cultural Arts
Xiangdai Palace - China Qipao Cultural Operator!
Knowledge Payment
Fan Deng Reading - Practitioner of National Reading!
Educational institutions
Brilliant Assistant - A good helper for organizational operation, and a guide for student enrollment!
Data visualization is greatScreen
Elderly care service system in Jiangling Street, Wujiang District, Suzhou——will be restoredComplex data is displayed in front of users in the most understandable way
Photovoltaic Industry
solenso—Advanced SolarEnergySolution Expert!
Internet of Things Industrial AutomationSodium and potassium balance housekeeper applet——envoyThe system hardware equipment is connected to the Internet, interoperable with the app, and has intelligent operation.
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Choose us to simplify and improve business operations effectively!
Stick to our promise and customer first! This is our eternal service concept
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Assist enterprises in digital transformation and upgrading,
Make business operations simple and effective
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